Shanghai Movie Review

Shanghai (Hindi)

Release Date:
June 08, 2012

A political activist meets with an accident in an Indian city gearing up for elections. A lone girl believes it to be a murder. A porn film maker claims to have proof that will bring the government down. A high ranking bureaucrat is brought in by the government to damage control. The three of them blow the lid off the Indian dream called Shanghai.

A political activist meets with an accident in an Indian city gearing up for elections. A lone girl believes it to be a... Show More

Shanghai is full of memorable filmmaking but it isn’t a memorable film

The Hindu

Shanghai warms up slowly, so you need to have patience — especially in the first half. But the pleasure of the film is in the details

Hindustan Times

The grand revelation in the end is a tad underwhelming, and the big evidence far too conveniently acquired. Yet, Shanghai is consistently watchable despite these lapses

It is a compelling chronicle of a death foretold and of perversions of power play. But it could have been much more.

Shanghai is a good film. Most of it is scarily plausible, sharply observed and sharply executed, except that distance which has Banerji telegraph some of his punches, making Shanghai stop just this short of being great

Indian Express

Shanghai is a thoroughly riveting and, ergo, entertaining experience in its form of a political thriller. At no point does the message supersede drama

Mumbai Mirror

That rare, almost uncompromising political thriller where the subtext and the context are more significant than the text itself. One where the visuals speak louder than words

The Hindu

Shanghai is an angry outburst packaged well with wry humour. It is the heartland political thriller that several among the Bollywood lot have tried to make lately but didn't quite have the guts to

Dibakar Banerjee’s Shanghai walks the thin line between mainstream and meaningful cinema, and does so beautifully

It is enjoyable as well as perturbing—it does not let you leave the theatre cathartic or brain-dead. What a treat.

A mature, serious film that engages, thrills and amuses


Shanghai is a compelling watch

Times of India

Shanghai is both a heart-pounding piece of cinema and a razor-sharp critique of our contemporary moment


Shanghai is a film that echoes the times we are living in, in an India that seems to thrive on corruption and is driven by selfish greed, with no effort being made towards any constructive change whatsoever


Whether Shanghai is off-beat or mainstream is debatable, but if you thrive on rustic realistic cinema, however heavy-duty - this is your pick

Times of India

Shanghai is a no-frills but searing political thriller that is under-wired with intelligence and nerve, both cinematic and ideological

Shanghai, at just being an expose may not be a complete massy affair but it does make for a compelling one time watch, especially for the outstanding performances.


Undeniably one of the most politically astute films ever made. It keeps you involved and concerned right from its inception to the harrowing culmination