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Pain’s film is terse, straight, fuss-free and simple. It does begin to flag a little in the middle, the narrative threatens to get out of hand, but remains largely affecting

Take the age-old reincarnation theme, add a dash of fantasy and sci-fi, with an implicit moral and you get a winsome film

Sometimes, good movies can be made on the trifles of life than on a big idea. Gauri Shinde has made one

It is a surface, shallow peep into the glamour world, offers no new insights than what we already know

Much too crafted and self-consciously gorgeous; feels eminently facile and plastic—tries way too hard to please.

Bad music, corny lines and some unintentionally funny moments come together rather well. It is unrelentingly creepy

It doesn’t deliver. No surprises, no novelty, no freshness here

A sweet, simple film which admirably states its “no expiry date for love” message

One confused film, but With Salman about, nothing seems to matter. So the Bhai tornado rolleth on

Works on its ironic, cynical, wry path. But the minute emotions slip in, it flattens and turns filmi