Baradwaj Rangan ReviewsThe Hindu

Filled with simple-minded hope and the belief that good things will happen to good people

The performances range from the perfunctory to the pitiable


Main Tera Hero is only half what it could have been - still, that isn’t a bad half

A second-rate masala movie

Despite a few big laughs, the film never becomes the farce it so desperately wants to be

The film feels toothless, pointless, pretending to tackle real issues while really searching for the next easy punch line

Highway is a film for those who loved the Ladakh portions of Dil Se, and wondered how much better things would have been if the rest of the narrative had been similarly untethered from what-next contrivances

The experience is immersive, but solely at a surface level – we’re not pulled in

One By Two is one of those films with a lot of little touches that don’t quite add up to a bigger picture

There is so little to root for in the film - despite such an emotional hook, of man helping fellow man - that we look for scraps that, however corny, leave us with a sense of having felt something