Vinayak Chakravorty ReviewsIndia Today

The script banks on situational twists - by turns comic and melodramatic, with a faint burst of angst - to set up a pleasant watch

Watch Highway for Alia and Randeep if you must

There is a sincere adherence to realism though the film doesn't have much of a story to narrate

You wouldn't go in looking for logic anyway, nor for the naive aam aadmi message being hawked. Jai Ho clicks for you only if you are a die-hard Salman fan

Director Abhishek Chaubey goes one up with treatment in Dedh Ishqiya, seamlessly fusing his tale of love in the time of intrigue with suspense and humour

It's monster madness, manufactured to leave you in a daze. It's mammoth dumbness guaranteed to be out of your mind no sooner you hit the exit door

The film does not leave you with a single memorable scene despite its loud effort to impress

The film works because it packs all-out entertainment without losing grip of the reality that backdrops the tale

The narrative is plastic in the way it creates its characters. Every protagonist suffers from weak writing

Satya 2 is erratic in the way the film has been edited and loud in the way its background score assaults your ears, neither of which offset the problem that the script has nothing new to offer