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I, Me Aur Main would have been a far better film, had the screenplay been more generous with expanding on key elements and developing the plot in a more engaging manner, rather than letting the loose ends hang unashamedly

A good film, but not a great film

Special 26’s second half is a good watch, but that’s if you can sit through the languorous first part

Race 2 delivers what it promises — good looking ensemble cast, exotic locations, cars, bomb squads, revenge, lust and love, a couple of good music tracks and, most importantly, a plot which unravels at a thrilling pace

Inkaar’s subject is a fresh thought with sexual harassment, a serious problem in work environments, as its central theme, but falls short in developing and writing the main characters’ roles with the depth required for the same.

Salman’s performance as Chulbul is infallible and absolutely charming. Despite the obvious lack of a thrilling plot, the legend of Chulbul Panday is etched out beautifully by the director.

The story is real, enacted by extremely able actors, who make the movie thrilling, in just the right measure. Every turn surprises you, shocks you even, and has you completely involved in the story playing out on screen

It’s a light and breezy film, but the progression of the plot is rather arduous and stretched

English Vinglish is remarkable! The characters are well researched and written and cast appropriately. Sridevi puts the act back in acting with her performance as the subservient and tolerant Shashi Godbole

Madhur’s research and writing of his characters falters and this contemporary Bollywood heroine’s life is just dull and contrived with clichés regurgitated to further a weak screenplay