Trisha Gupta ReviewsFirstpost

The film’s first half is giggly fun. Sadly, the film’s second half can’t sustain the tempo, and things begin to flatten out badly

The script feels simultaneously too convoluted and too simplistic. The characters never move you, because they never transcend their predictable roles in the plot

A heartwarming, almost believable Bollywood version of an Indian teenage world

Johar, Banerjee and Akhtar make movie magic

This new film – deliberately raucous, garishly colourful, masterfully kitschy – has such a relentless supply of energy and silliness and PJs that it is remarkably hard to resist

Sona Spa is hard to applaud wholeheartedly, but one must give it some credit for a sincere, occasionally thought-provoking speculation on our inner lives

Director Subhash Kapoor manages to leaven his conscience-laden tale with a healthy dose of laughter

It would be criminal to give away any of the multiple twists and turns that animate the film, but let me just say that SBGR doesn’t have a boring moment

Neither takes us into the lives of any of the ordinary people affected, nor asks any of the difficult questions that need asking about the role played by politicians, the police and the media

Special Chabbis is a perfectly enjoyable film about somewhat remarkable events. There is texture here, but not enough heft