Aniruddha Guha ReviewsDNA

An unfortunately botched attempt at portraying a relevant issue

A well-paced thriller with some highs and quite a few lows, and it’s never boring

Rehashes Dabangg itself, finding comfort in the formula rather than using it as a tool to entertain.

It demands an investment of time and patience, surely, but the pay-off is rewarding

It's a light-hearted drama that leaves you with a smile

Chittagong is the kind of film that will leave you with a heavy heart, and moved

At 135 minutes, English Vinglish is an absolute delight. No scene's out of place, no character unnecessary and no dialogue forced. The script, penned by Shinde, is razor sharp and she brings little nuances to her characters that help create an environment you can relate to

The characters are all caricatured and the screenplay meanders along aimlessly, it being nothing more than an assemblage of scenes - each disjointed from the other - strung together in a long, sleep-inducing and pointless narrative

Barfi cannot be missed. It demands patience, but the payoff is incredible

A few half-spooky scenes,unintentional hilarity, daft dialogues and the spectacularly bad acting keeps you entertained for the most part