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Brain-dead and largely insufferable

Insipid characters and sloppy writing make Ragini MMS 2 unintentionally funny. The movie offers nothing more than a few cheap thrills

A delicate and delightful film

An ineffectual and messy ode to women empowerment

Imtiaz skillfully creates moments that are at once, tender, funny and fragile. But my problem was that I simply didn’t buy into the story

Gunday is an affectionate collection of clichés

The story by writer-director Devika Bhagat isn’t half-bad but these characters whine too much to be interesting company

Jai Ho is wholly and solely powered by Salman. He romances, roars, sings songs, gives speeches, wipes tears and, of course, eventually takes off his shirt

The story is both abysmal and exhaustingly loud

Bullett Raja has flashes of fire but mostly it seems to be hobbled by a misguided sense of machismo