Jai Ho Movie Review

There is so little to root for in the film - despite such an emotional hook, of man helping fellow man - that we look for scraps that, however corny, leave us with a sense of having felt something

The Hindu

Jai Ho is wholly and solely powered by Salman. He romances, roars, sings songs, gives speeches, wipes tears and, of course, eventually takes off his shirt

Hindustan Times

It might have its heart in the right place, but the brain appears to be missing

A tedious and overcrowded drivel that shamelessly depends on Salman’s strapping charisma to tide them over

An unimaginative gore-fest, interspersed with some ghastly bits and pieces

Indian Express

A Salman Khan film, no more and no less

An idealistic smartly timed allegedly patriotic drama that clocks 'mental' on a scale of 1-to-Gadar

Mumbai Mirror

Jai Ho is a milestone in the marriage between boredom and nonsense


The film’s main problem is that Jai Ho isn’t about being a samaritan or paying it forward; it's about a man who can smash the system all by himself. Not entirely relatable, nope


You wouldn't go in looking for logic anyway, nor for the naive aam aadmi message being hawked. Jai Ho clicks for you only if you are a die-hard Salman fan

Salman Khan fans will love this film and others might just about be entertained, but to expect this film to be the next Munna Bhai is a Utopian thought


Jai Ho is a tale that is about as exciting - and just as empty - as the spiel of a politician going to the polls

Like most Salman Khan films, this one too rests solely on his undeniable superstardom

Times of India

A noble, well-intentioned message narrated in an entertaining format