Gunday Movie Review

The experience is immersive, but solely at a surface level – we’re not pulled in

The Hindu

Gunday is an affectionate collection of clichés

Hindustan Times

The problem with Gunday isn't only that it's derivative, but also tediously boring

For all its swagger and insolence, the script is full of silly loopholes, annoying clichés and glaring superficiality

A mash-up of many popular blockbusters

Indian Express

It’s formula food for the present day, spiced with flamboyance, a fair sense of rhythm that occasionally slackens and a clear understanding of the meaning of popular entertainment, Hindi movie style

A monstrous film, one with a repellent 70s-set storyline that makes no sense whatsoever


A flat out boring film that tries to add masala into itself by utilizing uber loudness, mega overacting and slow mo look-at-me shots


The drama is all mechanical and not emotional enough


Entertaining despite being a masala fair. This old wine in a saucy new bottle works


Gunday is fun while it lasts

Times of India

The film suffers in the end owing to slipshod editing and a hackneyed storyline that runs out of steam all too quickly

Has a credible story to tell, is packed with unexpected twists that keep you on the edge and offers entertainment in large doses