One By Two Movie Review

One By Two is one of those films with a lot of little touches that don’t quite add up to a bigger picture

The Hindu

The story by writer-director Devika Bhagat isn’t half-bad but these characters whine too much to be interesting company

Hindustan Times

One By Two tries hard to break the mold of Bollywood rom-coms, but seldom offers scenarios or characters that are refreshingly original

Trying for likeability is tough when the film is saddled with a listless plot and pace

Indian Express

Stilted take on a coming-of-age musical

Mumbai Mirror

There is a sincere adherence to realism though the film doesn't have much of a story to narrate

True to its name, this is half a film. It’s half-written, half-digested, half-witted


A rom-com that doesn’t quite add up

There’s no way the story or its dismal execution is going to impress anyone


A half baked effort

Strung with a few laughable scenes, it scrambles around with too many plots crafted like episodic sitcoms

Times of India

The film does have its moments, but they are too few and far between to make a difference

Has some engaging moments, but they are few and far between