Highway Movie Review

Highway is a film for those who loved the Ladakh portions of Dil Se, and wondered how much better things would have been if the rest of the narrative had been similarly untethered from what-next contrivances

The Hindu

Imtiaz skillfully creates moments that are at once, tender, funny and fragile. But my problem was that I simply didn’t buy into the story

Hindustan Times

It's meandering and indulgent in many parts, tiring you out well before it's over

Alia Bhatt is extraordinary here

A patchy ride, with the occasional high spot

Indian Express

Despite Hooda’s decent performance, it is Bhatt who carries the film on her petite shoulders without breaking a sweat.


Watch Highway for Alia and Randeep if you must

Freedom in bondage is a quaint idea. Imtiaz Ali makes it utopia

It is a film about nature and travel; about a meandering journey without a definite destination. It doesn't try hard to make a statement

Mumbai Mirror

A film with a genuine soul


It is not a typical romantic drama, nor an average love story. It is a road movie with a difference

Highway is tantalizingly delicious and a journey you would want to embark on. Must watch


Highway belongs unabashedly to Alia Bhatt. Her Veera is stunning - sincere and simple, prettily earnest, shakily emotional

Times of India

The treatment of the written material restricts its appeal largely