Ragini MMS - 2 Movie Review

Insipid characters and sloppy writing make Ragini MMS 2 unintentionally funny. The movie offers nothing more than a few cheap thrills

Hindustan Times

Where it falters is in the lack of novelty in the scenes that feature the spirit, and its bloody trail

Indian Express

It’s one lame and predictable jump scare after another and it gets really tedious really fast


Cheap thrills with erotica


For horror-buffs this might not be 'spookilicious' enough, but those looking for a 'sun-sunny' weekend, go lap it up

Times of India

Despite a half-baked script with cliched masala, Ragini MMS 2 is worth a watch purely for Sunny Leone's performance


Has ample scares, a generous dose of skin show, a winning soundtrack and of course, a sensuous Sunny Leone