Raja Sen ReviewsRediff

The film makes a lot of points, some of which are thought-provoking, some cloying and obvious, but it never fulfills the promise the idea holds

Kangana Ranaut is gobstoppingly spectacular

A monstrous film, one with a repellent 70s-set storyline that makes no sense whatsoever

True to its name, this is half a film. It’s half-written, half-digested, half-witted

The film’s main problem is that Jai Ho isn’t about being a samaritan or paying it forward; it's about a man who can smash the system all by himself. Not entirely relatable, nope

A genuinely smart film. It’s beautifully, lovingly shot

Everything looked too goofy to be either thrilling or realistic or compelling or even plain fun

An overplotted, bloody mess

It stretches on forever, never amusing, never exciting, never anything but a wasted effort

A masterfully made and diligently restrained effort, one that impresses a viewer without impressing upon a viewer