Dedh Ishqiya Movie Review

The film's crackling humor, set to Bhardwaj's terrific dialogues, is its biggest strength. Dedh Ishqiya has some of the most inspired writing you've seen on screen recently

This one should have been a humdinger, but it falls short.

Indian Express

A genuinely smart film. It’s beautifully, lovingly shot


A spirited and engrossing comedy about friendship and female bonding

Dedh Ishqiya is smarter, funnier, richer and way more gorgeous than its predecessor


The highlight of the writing is the dialogue. Vishal Bhardwaj writes songs, poetry, insults, and ideas in Urdu with unrestrained enthusiasm.

Mumbai Mirror

Director Abhishek Chaubey goes one up with treatment in Dedh Ishqiya, seamlessly fusing his tale of love in the time of intrigue with suspense and humour

Colourful, quirky and 'dedh' times better than Ishqiya


The screenplay is laced with acidic wit, the comic touches are subtly sly, and the on-screen performances are marvellously modulated

Falls just a step short of being flawless and that's only because of the Tarantino-esq climax


Vishal Bharadwaj's dialogue keeps you in splits

Times of India

Powerful writing, superb direction and outstanding performances