The Lunchbox Movie Review

The Lunchbox is a fascinating mix of fact and fiction, documentary-like realism and flights of poetic whimsy

The Hindu

The Lunchbox is poignant and powerful. It will make you laugh and cry

Hindustan Times

It'll leave you with a craving to seek your own little happiness

The result of Batra's mixed-up dabbas is lovely, with a lingering delectable after-taste

Indian Express

Batra creates a feel-good romance that, departing from norms of the genre in Bollywood, comes with starkly real characters and situations

A feel-good film about loneliness in Mumbai, with Irrfan Khan in a riveting lead performance

Batra's direction is impeccable and the final cut goes well beyond the screenplay. Tension builds, humor edges in, and drama unfolds in restrained measures

Mumbai Mirror

A masterfully made and diligently restrained effort, one that impresses a viewer without impressing upon a viewer


The film beautifully deals with despair, loneliness and unrequited love


Gorge into it and savour its lingering aftertaste. The Lunchbox holds riches that aren’t likely to be forgotten in a hurry

An unusual banquet, raising a bitter-sweet toast to life

Times of India

The Lunchbox is a rare gem wrapped carefully in a mundane tiffin-box. Ever thought the simplest of things in life could be so charming and endearing?


A standout film