Bhoothnath Returns Movie Review

Filled with simple-minded hope and the belief that good things will happen to good people

The Hindu

Despite the uneven writing, the film works because it has heart

Quite a drag in the end

Neither funny nor serious enough

Indian Express

Boosted by its strategically-timed release, Tiwari sculpts an unabashed tribute to Rajkumar Hirani's genre by capturing real moods within manipulated capsules of documentation

Mumbai Mirror

The overly busy screenplay is packed with so many ideas that it unfolds at the pace of a multi-phase election

The film makes a lot of points, some of which are thought-provoking, some cloying and obvious, but it never fulfills the promise the idea holds


Bachchan rocks in this witty election season comedy


A film that could be entertaining all the way had it not lost its plot


The preaching distracts from some superb performances and inadvertently loses humour, but the story does have its heart in the right place

Times of India

Overlong and overstretched

The message it conveys resonates in the second hour, although those looking for entertainment may find it lacking in the second half