Sukanya Verma ReviewsRediff

Quite a drag in the end

Lame cricket jokes, a literal demonstration of the neighbour metaphor and a completely muddled subplot featuring a racist British cop

Alia Bhatt is extraordinary here

For all its swagger and insolence, the script is full of silly loopholes, annoying clichés and glaring superficiality

A tedious and overcrowded drivel that shamelessly depends on Salman’s strapping charisma to tide them over

Dhoom 3 lives up to its title with all the over-the-top daredevilry at display

It’s not original. It’s not subtle. Astonishingly eager to entertain with its stock of doodads that should amuse if not endear.

Boss is hell bent on assaulting the eardrums and senses with a vigorous spectacle of muscle-crunching action, a screeching soundtrack and dumb, pedestrian humour

Unbelievably sloppy and senseless

There's never a dull moment in Sahni's penetrating jibes and whimsical trifling, which strives to convey a simple but underrated philosophy in the most fun way possible - marry because you want to, not because you must