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The pulp is not pulpy enough, the comedy is not funny, the action is lame, and our heroine Rani, played by the wonderful Kangana Ranaut has nothing to do

Mostly a chore and periodically infuriating

It’s one lame and predictable jump scare after another and it gets really tedious really fast

An exploitative film about exploitation

A lovely little comedy that is rich with subtlety

Consistently enjoyable, mainly thanks to Farhan Akhtar’s comic timing and his mystic ability to make contrived scenarios passable rather than cringe-worthy

Despite Hooda’s decent performance, it is Bhatt who carries the film on her petite shoulders without breaking a sweat.

A flat out boring film that tries to add masala into itself by utilizing uber loudness, mega overacting and slow mo look-at-me shots

Jai Ho is a milestone in the marriage between boredom and nonsense

Dedh Ishqiya is smarter, funnier, richer and way more gorgeous than its predecessor