Srijana Mitra Das ReviewsTimes of India

A pav bhaji picture, quick, spicy, hot

There are too many tangents, navels and nose-rings, diverting focus from Rajjo, the story's driving force

Highway belongs unabashedly to Alia Bhatt. Her Veera is stunning - sincere and simple, prettily earnest, shakily emotional

Gunday is fun while it lasts

Dhoom 3 is great fun

A racy ride, cynical, yet sweet, dark, yet bright

An unusual banquet, raising a bitter-sweet toast to life

More philosophical than fiery, it adorns reality with gloss and loss

Madras Cafe's true star is its story which builds up to an agonizing end

D-Day is explosive at three levels. The plot crackles. The acting sears. And the music flares with passion