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A social "do good" injection doesn't dent Salman-ness of the film.

Salman's worst movie. It's simple as that. Most of the blame goes to Sohail khan who thought it would be a nice idea to recycle the same formula from other Salman's blockbusters with a message of "don't say thank you but help 3 people and tell them to help 3 more people" bullshit. The movie loses its value when the message is repeated not once, not twice, but about 10 times throughout the movie, to the point that the message almost becomes a joke. Sohail never was a good director though bar his 1998 superhit, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. He seems to lack ambition to make the movie what it was supposed to represent; probably a feel good social awareness movie. From a technical point of view, the plot had no progression whatsoever. It was basically, a collection of clips where Salman helps people and spreads his so called "idea" of helping 3 people. It's a shame that movies like this are still getting fed to people.