Satya 2 Movie Review

It’s morally specious and unintentionally comical

Hindustan Times

Satya 2 is not so much an engaging film as it is an interesting idea that Varma squanders away with a hackneyed script, and an ensemble of over-actors

Every way is as forgettable as the original was memorable

Indian Express

While the premise tries hard to reawaken the gangster in a new-age, educated, suave avatar it is not very convincing

Mumbai Mirror

Satya 2 is erratic in the way the film has been edited and loud in the way its background score assaults your ears, neither of which offset the problem that the script has nothing new to offer

It has academic value, as a study of Ram Gopal Varma’s systematic attempts to demolish his own legacy

A criminal waste of time


Satya 2 is too hackneyed and heavy-handed to be entertaining

Satya 2 is not a worthy successor of its predecessor. One of the worst works of Ram Gopal Varma


Satya 2 thrives on randomness and implausible ideas

Times of India

It has the right elements that make a quintessential gangster film