Revolver Rani Movie Review

A tiresome Bollywoodesque trudge through the Chambal, and its men and one woman posturing with guns, and the standard corrupt 'netas' and complicit cops

Indian Express

The pulp is not pulpy enough, the comedy is not funny, the action is lame, and our heroine Rani, played by the wonderful Kangana Ranaut has nothing to do


Revolver Rani has a bit too much going on at any given point, but it is cast well and has an interesting set of actors who give the material much-needed heft

An overwhelming desire to merge elements of tragedy, satire and real-worldly grime makes this a conflicted work of moments and broken promises

Mumbai Mirror

Random comedy that’s too bizarre for its own good


Uproariously funny and deeply disturbing

A sluggish and half-baked plot


Loaded with a lot more than just gunpower

Times of India

Has engaging moments, but they are few and far between