Aiyyaa Movie Review

Aiyyaa (Hindi)

Release Date:
October 12, 2012

Bollywood icon Rani Mukerji plays Marathi girl Meenakshi in this delightful comedy. Meenakshi lives with her eccentric family next to a smelly rubbish dump, lost in her dream like Bollywood fantasy world. She gets a job at an art college where she meets a soul-mate, a buck-toothed Lady GaGa lookalike and together, they go man-hunting until Meenakshi catches the smell of her dream man! She follows his scent and finds a hunky Malayali student, Surya (Prithviraj Sukumaran) who she stalks much to his annoyance. At the same time her barely sane parents are arranging her marriage to a good, sensible boy, who loves Marathi art cinema and planting roses. As her dream hunk mysteriously disappears, Meenakshi is torn: should she settle for the rose garden?

Bollywood icon Rani Mukerji plays Marathi girl Meenakshi in this delightful comedy. Meenakshi lives with her eccentric... Show More

Aiyyaa, though by no means a misfire, is more fun to chew on than digest

The Hindu

By the time this love story is resolved, you are way beyond caring - which is a real shame because parts of Aiyyaa have energy and passion. But it is drowned by the insistence on being wakda - crooked. Clearly wackiness can't carry a film

Hindustan Times

Aiyyaa is at best an original and promising experiment let down by its many indulgences

A flat, heavy-footed clomp through screechy lines and overstated, dragged-out situations

Indian Express

A gaudy, absurdist triumph

This one is boring and can put you to sleep

Times of India

The film could have made for a great watch if Kundalkar was more imaginative with the plot. Instead age-old tripe takes over

An idea, that could have provided fun and frisson in equal measure, is killed by tedious, repetitive execution


Aiyyaa takes time to warm up, slips into dull patches at times and occasionally teeters on the edge of a certain dissonance. But the subversive spirit that drives the absurdist core of Aiyyaa is well worth embracing

After a few giggles, erotic gasps, and gaanas, the story stretches pointlessly and loses its scent.

Times of India

A major disappointment


It's arresting, amusing, entertaining and of course, thoroughly enjoyable, with Rani's splendid act, refreshingly different plot, winsome songs, pleasant humor and terrific moments as its aces