Karan Anshuman ReviewsMumbai Mirror

The highlight of the writing is the dialogue. Vishal Bhardwaj writes songs, poetry, insults, and ideas in Urdu with unrestrained enthusiasm.

Club 60's heart lies in its writing - specifically dialogue - and the stellar show by its cast

R... Rajkumar pushes every Prabhu Dheva trademark element to the max

Bullett Raja's narrative is marred by the appearance of his love interest

It works as an idea but it's not new

This would've been a wonderful story if it had been more subtly told. Singh Saab the Great is anything but

The stand-out aspect of Ram-Leela is the acting department

While the premise tries hard to reawaken the gangster in a new-age, educated, suave avatar it is not very convincing

Krrish 3 is a film for kids. Despite the relentless violence and a clobbering of the senses, there's nothing here for anyone older than age 9. Once you accept this, it's a film easier to digest

It goes well beyond being a fierce biopic, a purposeful indie, or just a riveting drama that's impossible to dislike