Lootera Movie Review

Lootera (Hindi)

Release Date:
July 05, 2013

The year is 1953. A visiting archaeologist called Varun Shrivastav comes to the village of Manikpur in West Bengal to excavate the temple grounds of the local Zamindar. With knowledge and experience beyond his young demeanour, Varun greatly impresses the Zamindar and his family. Especially Pakhi, the Zamindar's feisty and only daughter, who finds herself irrevocably drawn towards him.

But Varun isn't all he seems on the surface. And as the simmering attraction between him and Pakhi leads to a tender and deep love, he is forced to choose between her and his past. Making his choice, Varun disappears. Pakhi struggles to move on with her life, determined to forget him and their relationship. Until one day, when he returns under the most extraordinary circumstances. Inspired from O. Henry's "The Last Leaf", Lootera is the uplifting story of two lovers. Of heartbreak, betrayal... and ultimate redemption

The year is 1953. A visiting archaeologist called Varun Shrivastav comes to the village of Manikpur in West Bengal to... Show More

Drop whatever else you're doing, and soak in this love saga

It has left me with some indelible scenes which are sheer poetry, but this is one of those films that I wanted to like much more than I did

Indian Express

Lootera is a gorgeous, gorgeous film, one that uses its period setting affectionately, with loving detail, and not exploitatively, as our cinema is wont to do


While it has a lot of its own, Lootera will steal your heart too!

Times of India

As much as I'd like to reward Lootera for it's craft I firmly believe that films can only win you over with the ability to tell a story. And this is where Lootera falters. It allows you to drift away

Mumbai Mirror

A very accomplished, beautiful film. At its centre is a captivating lead performance by Sonakshi Sinha

A picturesque and poignant love story


Lootera is a gift, wrapped beautifully in a box, with enough rewards that remind us why we like films in the first place

Lootera has everything going for it right from the breath-taking cinematography, laudable acting to lilting music but just not the story


Every frame is a picture postcard

Times of India

An exquisitely crafted, slow-burning, awe-inspiring film

An intrinsically earnest and profoundly heartwarming story that stays in your heart