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In Ship of Theseus, Gandhi gives us one of the most satisfying closures to a film. If some sections of the audience start to tear up towards the end that will be okay. Those would be tears of joy and of discovering a very special film

BMB does not offer anything new

Lootera is a gift, wrapped beautifully in a box, with enough rewards that remind us why we like films in the first place

Unfortunately, MKBKM does not deliver all that it promises.

In Talaash, Kagti weaves a complex web, and she colours it with the mood and the atmosphere she and her collaborators create. Talaash has the feel of a noir film

Much of Kshay explores Chhaya's psychological decline, but the film is so engaging that it is hard to take one's eyes off the screen. There is a gun, blood, violence, disturbing imagery, a tragedy, but Kshay manages to stay above the standard thrillers

The settings, the language, the costumes, the supporting cast all appear authentic. Dhulia takes us on a journey inside a world that few of us know

For a suspense thriller, Don 2 has no edge-of-the-seat moments. For an action film with the central plot setting us up for a robbery inside a major bank, the film's pacing is very slow

Ra.One's script is muddled and it gets lost in many competing narrative threads, nearly forgetting the main plot.

Aarakshan is a result of a muddled script that forgets its purpose half way