Anjaana Anjaani Movie Review

Anjaana Anjaani (Hindi)

Release Date:
October 01, 2010

Two people can meet anywhere. In a cab on a rainy New York afternoon, at the neighborhood bar, in a queue waiting to use the ATM Machine, On a plane, deep sea diving, in the middle of an earth quake, sitting on that famous bench at the Taj Mahal or standing under the Pyramids in Egypt. You can meet someone in the most mundane of circumstances or in the most exotic ones. Akash and Kiara meet. But they meet in a situation as unusual as no other. But what if the two people who meet as strangers want to stay that way? They want to end right where they started – as strangers.

This is the story of two strangers on an odyssey of discovery – down a path that is ridden with the exquisite pain and joy of falling in love, only they don't realize it. A series of hilarious misadventures trace their bi coastal road journey as they go about fulfilling their last wishes. But then life interrupts, as is its habit; and painful choices must be made. The duo part with the understanding that their days together were a brief interlude of insanity that had to succumb to real life. They part as they met – as strangers.

But can a cloaked love so strange between two strangers conquer the idiom of normalcy we all believe in. Is it worth another chance? Is it worth leaving behind all that is familiar? Is it a love in time, is it truly the beginning they never expected? Follow Akash and Kiara, along this hilarious, contemporary yet poignant journey of stumbling into all that is worth living for. Can you let a stranger change your life…. forever……

Two people can meet anywhere. In a cab on a rainy New York afternoon, at the neighborhood bar, in a queue waiting to use... Show More
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But Anjaana Anjaani has a flatness that is unique. The screenplay goes nowhere fast. Here the emotions and characters are singularly plastic

Anjaana Anjaani, unfortunately, is not only painfully predictable but also deathly boring

Anjaana Anjaani is a daft film

A story doesn’t exist

Hindustan Times

These [Priyanka and Ranbir] are good actors being made to boost a limp story: they needed a better film

Indian Express

The overall pacing is lax but the film literally starts to drag in the second half and tests your patience in the final reels, especially when you know what’s in store and yet the screenplay takes time to achieve that


This is a film of a few memorable moments. Overall, the script doesn’t hold up and no amount of external finesse can redeem it

This is the kind of film where the camera does the dizzy whirl around the principal actors when it wants to establish character. Where it raises the chorus to a crescendo when it wants to establish emotion

India Today

Despite the fire and crackle of the lead characters, Anjaana Anjaani doesn't actually set the screen on flames. All it promises is some fun moments, a peppy music score by Vishal-Shekhar, alluring performances by Ranbir and Priyanka

Times of India

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