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Well Done Abba (Hindi)

Well Done Abba is the story of Armaan Ali, a driver working for a Senior Executive in Mumbai, who goes on leave. He wants to find a match for his teenage daughter, who stays with his brother Rehman Ali and his wife Salma. When Armaan returns to work after 3 months his young employer wants to sack him.

But Armaan Ali has a story to tell. The story he tells is a humorous and often hilarious account of the events and happenings that delayed him from returning after a month. He avails a government scheme to dig a well in his agricultural patch. Things spiral out of control so much so that the Government is about to collapse! The question remains, how true is this compelling story!

Well Done Abba is the story of Armaan Ali, a driver working for a Senior Executive in Mumbai, who goes on leave. He wants... Show More
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With no one to particularly invest in, Well Done Abba turns dull very quickly – and it doesn’t help that complex issues are raised and redressed with insulting simple-mindedness

The New Indian Express

The end result is that Well Done Abba is heart-felt and intermittently funny but not flat-out delightful like Benegal’s last film Welcome to Sajjanpur. You need oodles of patience to enjoy this one

Well Done Abba appears to be bursting at its seams with too many messages about women's rights, communal harmony, rural education and the right to information act

The film remains a fine black comedy, which could only disappoint in parts for its weakened pace, or the director’s discomfort with a soundtrack to help with the movie’s commerce

Hindustan Times

The downside of `Well Done Abba’ is that it is too lax, and, after a point, too stuffed. The pace picks up so slowly that you nearly tune out, and when post-interval, everything seems to be settling down nicely, Benegal starts throwing about long winded acronyms

Indian Express

Despite being a trail and tribulation journey, Benegal’s direction has a feel-good charm to it


Benegal has always spun his yarns with love and care but at 150 minutes, Well Done Abba is bound to try even the most patient souls. There’s music in the dialogues but the screenplay tries to bite more sub-plots than it can chew

The Telegraph

Far short of Shyam Benegal’s best. A tedious activist zeal and awkward storytelling ruin a heartfelt story

The film is a sheer delight, with the events unfolding in a breezy, comic vein which keeps the ribs relentlessly tickling

Times of India

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