Boss Movie Review

Akshay Kumar does what he can to keep things afloat, taking care of the action and the drama and the comedy, but unless you’re Amitabh Bachchan, these one-man circus shows are never a good idea

The Hindu

The best I can say for Boss is that it’s not terrible

Hindustan Times

Neither original, nor entertaining, this Boss deserves to be fired!

Boss is hell bent on assaulting the eardrums and senses with a vigorous spectacle of muscle-crunching action, a screeching soundtrack and dumb, pedestrian humour

This could be called Rowdy 2, because Akshay does exactly what he does in that earlier film, but with different co-stars, and a plot that is totally subservient to labelling him Boss every two minutes

Indian Express

The screenplay alternates between a fight sequence and a song number and practically nothing much happening in between

Times of India

Two hours of action sequences strung together in a semblance of a plot

This Boss simply goes for a toss

If Akki slapping around a few people makes you feel any better, go for it

Mumbai Mirror

Bottom line: Boss expects you to laugh in the face of amazing stupidity


The humour is cringingly coarse, the stunts are completely over the top and the emotions never ring true

Highly mediocre


A full-on masala entertainer