Special 26 Movie Review

It’s a crackling script that actors bite into. The climax isn’t fully convincing but you won’t mind because Neeraj Pandey has delivered a sparkler. Special 26 is special

Hindustan Times

Infusing humor into tense scenes, he gives us a delicious thriller that you don't want to miss

A robust, taut film that gets over sooner than you think.

Its flaws are minor; on the whole, Special 26 is a gripping, well-made heist film

Indian Express

A film that lives up to its name and serves you something special!

Times of India

An insipid lead character and unnecessary digressions derail a good heist story

Special Chabbis is a perfectly enjoyable film about somewhat remarkable events. There is texture here, but not enough heft


Special 26’s second half is a good watch, but that’s if you can sit through the languorous first part


An unpretentious, intelligent cinema that has potential to make a lasting impact


Special 26 truly special. Not be missed

It doesn't stun you with a social message like Pandey's 'A Wednesday', but it grips, excites and ahh...climaxes too!

Times of India

An intelligently woven, slick and smart period thriller