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Toh Baat Pakki (Hindi)

Rajeshwari (Tabu) is outspoken to the point of rudeness but somehow manages to stay out of trouble. Her mild husband Surinder (Ayub Khan) and two young children have no option but to accept her benign dictatorship. Because whatever Rajeshwari wants she gets! And what she wants more than anything else in the world is to find the Best husband possible for her younger sister Nisha (Yuvika). And "best" to her means, a Saxena boy with a good job, no vices and no Demands for dowry.

When final year engineering student Rahul Saxena (Sharman Joshi) walks Into her house as a tenant, Rajeshwari decides he is the best and does everything in her power to get Nisha and Rahul together. The inevitable happens: Nisha and Rahul fall in love and announce to the delighted Rajeshwari that they want to get married. The wedding preparations are in full swing when Yuvraj Saxena (Vatsal Seth) walks Into Rajeshwari's house. He too is unmarried, good looking, a junior manager with Godrej with a company car and promise of a company house Soon. And best of all - he is a Saxena! Rajeshwari can't believe her luck! She decides that Yuvraj is the best groom for Nisha.

What follows is one hilarious situation after another as the well meaning but thoughtless Rajeshwari tries to manipulate everybody around her to ensure that Nisha marries Yuvraj and not Rahul. But Rahul is a worthy adversary and gives Rajeshwari a dose of her own medicine. But has he underestimated Rajeshwari who will try every trick in the book to outwit them all?

Rajeshwari (Tabu) is outspoken to the point of rudeness but somehow manages to stay out of trouble. Her mild husband... Show More
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Toh Baat Pakki Dil Le Ja

The director can’t decide if he wants to coast along with weak laughs or dive into fascinatingly flawed humans. The result is dull beyond belief, with amateur-hour plot contrivances involving missing diamond rings and botched kidnap attempts

The New Indian Express

Toh Baat Paaki feels like eating left-overs that have been reheated too many times. It’s not very appetizing.

In the absence of a coherent script, and the obvious lack of conviction on the director's part, Toh Baat Pakki is ultimately a bumpy, confused ride

The set-up is sweet. The soundtrack is organised. The town Palanpur – cozy, quiet and well-planned – is suitably fake; the atmospherics, complete. The filmmakers just don’t know what to make of the plot.

Hindustan Times

We're served up a bland, preposterously dated 'comedy' with lame jokes and little to laugh at


Lousy, disappointing and reworked movie

The Telegraph

The film offers you an engaging drama with a tall act by tall and lissome Tabu

Times of India

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