OMG Oh My God Movie Review

OMG Oh My God (Hindi)

Release Date:
September 28, 2012

Based on the acclaimed Gujarati play, 'Kanji Virrudh Kanji' and Hindi play, 'Kishen v/s Kanhaiya'. The film is set in Kanji Bhai, an antique shopkeeper's life. Kanji Bhai begins to loose faith in God when a a slight tremor destroys only his shop in the entire city. The film revolves around his simple lifestyle and his refusal to accept God`s existence.

Based on the acclaimed Gujarati play, 'Kanji Virrudh Kanji' and Hindi play, 'Kishen v/s Kanhaiya'. The film is set in... Show More

Rawal pulls it all together. He nails not just the quiet contempt many of us carry for the rituals of organised religion, but also the seething desperation of a middle-class man with nothing left to lose

The Hindu

Eventually OMG Oh My God! dissipates into a lecture. The intentions are good, but the preaching is boring

Hindustan Times

Oh My God never exploits its full potential. there’s much to enjoy here, including many of the witty dialogues, and particularly Paresh Rawal’s robust performance as the stubborn non-believer on a determined mission

A brave and absorbing blend of satire, fable and fantasy that brings our attention to the misuse and commercialisation of religion

Good stuff

Indian Express

OMG makes its point without fuss and without going over the top

The film stops short of being a taut, edgy take on organized religion and instead becomes verbose and silly

This is a film that not only entertains and inspires but also enlightens

Times of India

For a mainstream film that takes on such a massively sensitive subject as religion, and insists on being funny while making its arguments, OMG is a resounding success


Formulaic but funny and insightful


The film’s premise is courageous no doubt, but its heart and sinews are rather weak. It seems to chicken out a tad too easily in the end

OMG conveys a serious message this festive season - God is to be found in human beings. And, rather like Hindi films of an earlier age, it does so in a light and unusual way

Times of India

An honest film with a strong message which should be encouraged and seen especially for the brilliance of its script and the delightful acting of Paresh Rawal


A thought-provoking adaptation of a massively successful play