Ishkq In Paris Movie Review

The emotional complications between people can become fodder for a frothy rom-coms or an incisive drama. The problem with Ishkq in Paris is that it wants to be a bit of both

The Hindu

A misguided, overwrought affair

Ishkq In Paris comes off most derivative, and wholly predictable

Indian Express

The problem with Ishqk in Paris is that it is too convenient a love story and ends on a faux note that is simply not who the characters are

Mumbai Mirror

None of the cast - superstar item boy Salman included - can save a bad script from sinking

"This is a rubbish love story" Zinta says in the film’s most honest, self-aware moment


Ishkq in Paris is bland love story!

Times of India

If the movie works at all, it is because Raj restricts the lopsided affair to 96 minutes, and Zinta’s joy at being the cynosure of attention is undeniably contagious

Flaky and uninteresting love story


Ishkq In Paris takes off as a frothy affair but ends up being a melodramatic saga which can bore you easily


The actress is good but there ends the show

Times of India

A decent fare