Raaz 3 Movie Review

Raaz 3 has more laugh-out-loud moments than jump-in-your-seat jolts

Bad music, corny lines and some unintentionally funny moments come together rather well. It is unrelentingly creepy

Not only are the lines unintentionally hilarious, the characters are too

Indian Express

The scares remain pretty mediocre. Raaz 3 is a horror film that clearly had its priorities elsewhere

A few half-spooky scenes,unintentional hilarity, daft dialogues and the spectacularly bad acting keeps you entertained for the most part

Too much cliché, too much sleaze, too much predictability and too much of everything that makes a bad movie

The bare bones of the plot are left to rattle around in a film badly bloated by depressingly predictable characters and truly terrible dialogue


If you want to know what Raaz 3 is about, it’s all "cheap thrills"


Rather than scaring the audience frustrates them instead


With a storyline that's fairly simple with one-dimensional characters, Vikram Bhatt, dishes out this horror show in 3D, with glossy production values, dollops of sex, horror and a few terrifying scenes

Times of India

A story of staunch Indian beliefs and convictions in conjunction with a lethal combo of sex and horror in 3D, competent performances, an engaging human drama