Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara Movie Review

Yes, the film is over-wrought, melodramatic and designed as pulp fiction. But it’s intermittently fun

Hindustan Times

Too long at over 150 minutes, and way too predictable to ever surprise you

A complete drag, unintentionally comical and painfully verbose

After all the shoot-outs and bang-bangs are over, you are left with a film which leaves you with so little new that you wonder if there's any juice left in this style of retro gangsta flick

Indian Express

The film is constantly predictable - just like the first film in the series - but leans too heavily on a very hackneyed romantic angle


A ham of a don, his lifeless protégé and a braindead heroine —Milan Luthria’s new film is a disaster

A better crafted film than it's predecessor but unfortunately considerably shallower. It's style keeps you reasonably occupied but for a runtime of 160 minutes, it needed a lot more substance

Mumbai Mirror

That odd combination of romance and gangsters


Inane plot, force conflict and lazy writing can bore you to death


What robs the film of genuine traction is that the action seems to unfold in a disinfected bubble that is out of bounds for the urban realities of the era

This film has its moments, but it's not as compelling as the prequel

Times of India

Pales in comparison to its prequel