Bodyguard Movie Review

Bodyguard (Hindi)

Release Date:
August 31, 2011

When it comes to being punctual and doing his duties perfectly, Lovely Singh is unmatchable. Taking great pride in what he does, he spares no effort in giving his everything to his profession.

Summoned for an assignment of guarding Divya, the daughter of Sartaj Rana, a business tycoon Lovely Singh accompanies her to her campus, but ends up rubbing her the wrong way with his over-protective nature and paranoia about security. She finds him to be a major obstacle in leading a regular campus life. To throw him off-track and get him out of the way, she comes up with a 'master-plan'- that of trapping him in a fake love affair. Once he's smitten by the girl of his dreams and is reveling in his new-found romance, he will leave us alone, and we shall be free to do our own thing unhindered', says Divya to her friends.

She becomes an anonymous admirer of his and starts hounding him, expressing her 'feelings' in no uncertain terms. Lovely Singh however proves to be a tough nut to crack, and it takes quite a bit of doing from her side to penetrate his fort-like exterior. But once she succeeds in doing so, he transforms into a completely different person. Divya is triumphant and is all set to relish her regained freedom.

But things take an unexpected turn when she learns a few things about Lovely Singh. Things that she could've never even imagined! And she soon finds herself trapped in a dilemma that she's unable to resolve! And with her, soon enough, Lovely Singh finds himself ensnared in a web of lies, trickery and deceit!

Bodyguard is the story of conflict- between innocence and mischief, love and power and life and death!

When it comes to being punctual and doing his duties perfectly, Lovely Singh is unmatchable. Taking great pride in what... Show More

Bodyguard suffers from that most fatal flaw that's unforgivable in the final reckoning - it's boring!

Salman is toned down, behaves like a good boy and sports a doubly blank expression. The risque humour is replaced by the inane, infantile sort

It's not like Bodyguard is devoid of fanciful thrills but they're far too few and in between

Watch it if you’re a Salmaniac or love OTT action


For a change, there’s a more definite story than usual but it’s so convoluted and stupid, you’d have actually settled for a film with a lesser story, but which entertained more

If I had a hot female bodyguard who got into catfights with other women trying to get at me, I would also fall in love

Mumbai Mirror

Bodyguard is not worth anybody’s money or time. It is a silly, humourless, offensive project, marching shamelessly towards a remarkably thoughtless climax

While Salman shines, the movie fails to impress. It crumbles under the weight of the star


The viewer is not enthralled but bhaijaan has done the best that his comic strip straitjacket could allow him

India Today

Whether you find Bodyguard entertaining or not will hinge entirely on whether you have any patience for a storyline that is as brainless as a pea

It has a simple, but captivating story with a dramatic twist in the tale, the chemistry between the lead actors is perfect and the music is well juxtaposed in the narrative


This one's mostly bluster.

Times of India