Agent Vinod Movie Review

Agent Vinod (Hindi)

Release Date:
March 23, 2012

The story begins with a series of seemingly unconnected events, all over the globe. In Uzbekistan, an ex KGB Officer is tortured and murdered. In Cape Town, a group of international business tycoons discuss a rumor that the dead KGB Officer had a nuclear suitcase bomb hidden away. In Moscow, an Indian secret agent is exposed. The agent is shot dead while trying to send a code red message to India. In India, the head of RAW sees the incomplete message. All it contains is a number 242.

Enter Agent Vinod. Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) is the kind of agent who first kicks the door open and then finds out what’s behind it. His unconventional approach puts him in dangerous situations but he manages to get the crucial leads. Vinod is sent to Moscow to investigate why his colleague was killed.

Vinod leaves for Moroccco, where he meets an elderly mafiosi Kazan and the beautiful but mysterious Dr Ruby. A series of twists and turns take Vinod across the globe from Marrakesh to Riga, Karachi to Delhi and finally London, where he discovers the ultimate conspiracy.

The story begins with a series of seemingly unconnected events, all over the globe. In Uzbekistan, an ex KGB Officer is... Show More

You can’t pull the audience out of the narrative for meta-exercises and then hope to pull them back in for serious storytelling.

The Hindu

The result is that Agent Vinod never becomes more than the sum of its parts and even though it picks up speed in the second half, it leaves you both exhausted and unsatisfied

Hindustan Times

Boring and disappointing. Except the two leads, none of the characters stand out.

Leaves one feeling curiously detached, distanced, often utterly befuddled.

This around-the-world in two-and-a-half very long hours is all dressed up, with some slick set-pieces, but it spends most of its time in plodding through genre conventions. Where’s the crackle?

Indian Express

The film is entertaining but not in entirety

Times of India

Agent Vinod is a fairly good start to a franchise, even if extremely inconsistent and long

The Hindu

Sriram Raghavan’s Agent Vinod is brilliant in bits, and incredibly asinine in others. It’s probably the most inconsistently good film I’ve watched lately, and a massive letdown

A disjointed narrative, uninspired camerawork and set action pieces that fail to wow make this film a jumpy ride

The problem with AV is that it is patchy. While every scene is correctly intentioned, thought through, and executed sharply, the movie does not come together cohesively

Mumbai Mirror

A disappointment, a slick and well-produced throwback to the spy thriller that feels both overlong and under-conceived


There is much to rejoice in the film and for most part, Agent Vinod manages to be cool. But it doesn't remain cool enough and succumbs to the considerable charms of its lead pair.

India Today

Agent Vinod is smartly put together and works because of Saif

Agent Vinod is slick and visually stylized, but loses steam at times. The movie is a tad long and often creatively compromised - for style over substance

Times of India

Agent Vinod is style over substance. A little mish-mash and a little rehash


A hi-octane espionage thriller with a heart. It is not just brawny and dynamic, but witty and crazy too. Ultra slick and stylish, this desi Bond movie adheres to the formula and succeeds in meeting the humungous expectations