Guzaarish (Hindi)

Release Date:
November 19, 2010

The movie will revolve around the story of a married nurse (Aishwarya Rai) and a quadriplegic, wheelchair-using patient Ethan (Hrithik Roshan), suffering from impairments of the motor and sensory functions of his limbs, with whom she develops an intimate bond

The movie will revolve around the story of a married nurse (Aishwarya Rai) and a quadriplegic, wheelchair-using patient... Show More

Guzaarish is an art museum. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the perfectly chiseled curator and Hrithik Roshan an almost statue. And this once, it’s not his acting I’m complaing about, the script demands him to stay put. You are watching them etched in many exotic, exquisite paintings frame after frame. So, what if the very basis of the story is pointless and there are gaping holes which are difficult to digest

Its my Guzaarish to Mr. Bhansali to please get back to the world when he made Khamoshi . It still rates as his best. But till then go watch this art show called Guzaarish.

In spite of its shortcomings, the film is still one of the better films of the year and the best big budget venture by miles. Its a visual treat, a technical feat in scale and an emotional roller-coaster. The best news is that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is well on his way to finding the right balance between these three aspects of a film. It could be rightly called a coming of age film for the filmmaker. I humbly eat my words that had written off Bhansali as a gifted filmmaker who is the victim of his own ego and delusions of grandeur. His ego, if any, is fully justifiable as the eccentricity of a genius and the so-called delusions are not delusions, after all.

Dear Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali,

I am impressed. The sincerity with which you have camouflaged what you have unsuccessfully thieved from dozens of originals behind the delicacy of Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography and the telling costumes of Sabyasachi Mukherjee – hide it somewhere man – too tempting to ignore.

The film is about a man, paralytic for the last 14 years, who's last wish, unlike anyone's, is to die. Ethan (Hrithik) has his reasons in place, while his friends, are convinced to the contrary! He files a petition for Euthanasia, mercy killing, nevertheless. A heart-warming, heart-rending tale follows, therafter.

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali gets the best out of everyone. Mr Roshan is wondrously amazing. His best so far. It's not (just!) about his looks (he's scruffy in quite a few frames). He leaves behind all (his few and far between ;) rival contemporaries) when he means business. Be it the way he cracks up to lighten the most sombre of moods or the way he emotes in the gravest of shots, without letting out a tear. [Guzarish promises what Kaho Naa Pyar Hai did for him in 2000. If he does manage to grab the best actor award for this one, 3 out of his 4 awards would be for films with Aishwarya, after Dhoom 2 and Jodha Akbar].

Aishwarya is effective in her role as Sophia, Ethan's nurse. SLB weaves in the idea of love beautifully in every film and that is no less conspicuous here, given the pair's finespun chemistry. It's subtle, it's compelling, it's perfect. Omar Siddiqui, an aspiring magician, played by the 25-year old Aditya Roy Kapoor, lends life to some what-could've-otherwise-ended-up-dull-bits in the film.
Not a bad job for a first time music director by SLB. Sau Gram Zindagi by Kunal Ganjawala and Udi by Sunidhi Chauhan are beautiful tracks. Besides being a brilliant actor, Hrithik charms all with his voice. He goes behind the microphones yet again (after Kites) with Life is Wonderful.

If you have a heart, you'll love it!