This film works because it so effectively portrays people like us. Those cultural issues are true; we know they are. Yes, the film does gloss over over serious issues like dowry, domestic abuse and the skin color prejudice, but one step at a time I say – this is a Karan Johar production after all.

The film has some good music, and humorous cultural digs are made at both parties. “2 States” is a fun entertainer – this actually got applause at my local AMC. Highly recommended.

Debutante director Abhishek Varman gives us a Chetan Bhagat adaptation that doesn't attempt to offer any more heft than what the book does. It provides instant gratification primarily because of a charming lead cast and an excellent supporting cast that rises above the rather tame writing.

i think it is best of 2014 ....till dis month....!!!