Kai Po Che! (Hindi)

Release Date:
February 22, 2013

It is the story of three friends and is based in the city of Ahmedabad. The plot sees a young boy in Ahmedabad named Govind dream of starting a business. To accommodate his friends Ishaan (the central character) and Omi's passion, cricket, they open a cricket goods and training shop. However, each has a different motive: Govind's goal is to make money; Ishaan desires to nurture Ali, a gifted batsman; Omi just wants to be with his friends. The events that transpire against the backdrop of all that occurred in the city during that time, change the lives of each of the friends in very different ways.

It is the story of three friends and is based in the city of Ahmedabad. The plot sees a young boy in Ahmedabad named... Show More

Kai Po Che is sketchy yet engaging. It is abrupt and half-baked but the performances and music alone make the film worth a watch. The rest is taken care of by the close-to-home themes.

Kai Po Che gives us a bit of everything – there is romance and rancor, friendship and hatred, emotional drama, song and dance. I did enjoy this entertaining film although it lacked a certain oomph . . .

Word of mouth - Kai Po Che is about lost friends and broken friendship. Ties we cut and ties that cut us.

Rating - **** ( Very Good)

Ticket meter - worth a visit to the theatre.

Kai Po Che is about dreaming and realizing, dreams that exist in real India, a fictional yet possible story coming out of the real India.

Kai Po Che is film making where perfection meets style. Director Abhishek Kapoor strikes a fine balance taking care of every detail from the script to the characters. With a plot that covers so many elements from cricket to politics to religion, things could have easily gotten out of hand. But Kapoor has full control of the film till the very last. He manages to impress without trying too hard. The film moves at its own pace bringing the best out of every character.

The carefree, living-for-the-moment Ishaan, played by Sushant Singh Rajput, stands out among the three friends. His timings are brilliant. Amit Sadh is at his best in the second half. Watch out for him post the accident scene. But Raj Kumar Yadav of Love Sex Dhoka fame, playing the timid and restrained Govind, steals the show. And he proves it in the scene where he......