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Word of mouth – Dhoom 3 is Doom Machale.

Rating – ** ½ ( Won’t Kill You)

Ticket Meter – worth 200 bucks

It is one really long chase sequence, lots of Aamir Khan for Aamir Khan fans and of course you have some smart action sequences. Nothing more than that.

Relatively speaking, this movie is the least annoying of all the Dhooms. All said and done, the verdict is : OK for a one-time watch. Keep your expectations low, and you’ll be fine.

dhoom series is the most successful series in bollywood..... whn i wtchd this muvi i thought i m wasting my time..... stunts r nicely prformd bt mny drawbacks........teo suspnces r nyc.... bt the robberies r less.... 3robries in 3 hrs..... plz wait for the DVDs m gng wid 2.5/5 for dhoom 3

Indore India

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Out & out entertainer - superb action, brilliant acting, and stunning locations/sets/videos !

There's a great. gripping story and enough star-power to keep everyone entertained ! Another great sequel in the Dhoom franchise !