Vicky Donor Movie Review

Vicky Donor (Hindi)

Release Date:
April 20, 2012

Vicky Donor movie is about a guy (Ayushmann Khurrana) who is a Punjabi sperm donor from Delhi and will be in love with a Bengali girl (Yammi Gautam). Its a light hearted look at the taboo attached to infertility and artificial insemination

Vicky Donor movie is about a guy (Ayushmann Khurrana) who is a Punjabi sperm donor from Delhi and will be in love with a... Show More

Vicky Donor is as classy a "message movie" as can be imagined under the circumstances

The Hindu

Vicky Donor is one of those rare Hindi films that work purely on the strength of writing and performances

Hindustan Times

It does not descend into crass- and crudeness, nor does it overtly use double entendres when it could have easily done so. Vicky Donor is unapologetic, unadulterated fun.

Though never above imperfections, Vicky Donor draws the viewer in its 122 minutes lifetime, acquainting us to its good-naturedly quirky but genuine protagonists, played out by a pitch-perfect cast against Juhi Chaturvedi's delightful writing.

Sircar’s film, a morality tale wrapped up as a fun bon-bon, delivers enough sparkles to make us overlook the sagging bits

Indian Express

With its endless spirit and 'spunk', Vicky Donor brings to life an original, untold and entertaining story

Times of India

Vicky Donor – with its distinctive theme, nuanced performances, and evocative use of locations and technique – is a film worth your time

Mumbai Mirror

A well-written film that handles a sensitive subject with respect

Vicky Donor is that rare thing: a laugh-out-loud Hindi movie that has both irreverence and soul


Vicky Donor is a huge entertainer in a small package. A serious subject dealt lightheartedly


Vicky Donor takes the closet issue, turns it on its head and spins a light-hearted tale around it, one that fertilises genuine fun at the movies

The film entertains, without preaching sexual moralities or social service

Times of India

Witty, funny and also emotional, Vicky Donor is forward-thinking, progressive commercial cinema which vastly enlightens and hugely entertains!