Nikhat Kazmi ReviewsTimes of India

A brave attempt, Yeh Dooriyan needed a dash of polish and a healthier dose of story

Gory, yes but Not A Love Story is an interesting study of the darker and more devious spots of friendly neighbourhood types.

As a film on the issue of reservation, Aarakshan was rocking till the first half. But as an omnibus on the travails of India's education system, it flounders into no-man's land

It has enough emotions and drama to touch the heart of any and everyone

Pankaj Kapoor once again proves what a fine actor he is

The film has a piquant charm to it, spilling over with mood, sentiment and message

This one's an unnecessary play with history, trying to superficially compare India's nationalist movement with German nationalism.

The film is loud, over-the-top and spills over with in-your-face violence

Leaves you goofy, grinning and clapping with glee

Sensitive and entertaining study of people

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