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The screenplay does tend to get a bit clunky and the drama somewhat heavy as the director looks for text book resolutions of the teasing problem. But, by and large, there is a thrill factor that keeps the momentum on

The second half does get somewhat repetitive, with the film refusing to move out of the gambling dens and the climax gets somewhat hurried. But majorly, the film holds as a taut thriller that keeps you glued for most of the screen time

The film offers you an engaging drama with a tall act by tall and lissome Tabu

The film is brimming over with scenes that relentlessly move you to tears, not because they are sad, but because they are uplifting, inspirational and just sometimes heart-rending

The high point of the film is its authenticity, its heartwarming tale and its performances

thriller-like, taut and testy

Ishqiya is a zany little black comedy

prolonged misadventure that loses a lot due to a tardy screenplay, a headless script and an old-fashioned direction

Sadly, it follow all the predictable twists and turns that comprise the star-is-born story

Manages to gently draw you into the drama

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