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This oddly picturised, amateurishly edited, mediocre stuff probably won’t cut it for anyone

This picture though, smartly written and filmed, is mellow yet dramatic, softer, subtler, more ‘plush interiors’ American rom-com

The external logic of a star driven, fantasy fed film such as this may not be easy to gulp for many. The internal logic, or the reason you believe it all, depends a lot on the credibility of the headlining performance. Bachchan's irreplaceable, of course. So is Hrithik, India's hardest working, most intense super-star, ever.

Moronic mayhem

At worst, the film remains then a yawn inducing, half explained romance; at best, it’s an effortless watch all the way

This is Balan’s, or for that matter any contemporary Bollywood heroine's, ballsiest role so far.

A willfully moronic movie

This pic’s supposed to be a comedy. So what do you do? Look around for jokes. It’s a tough job, unless feeding a kid chili for chocolate counts for a gag, and constant references to toon pornstar Savita Bhabi in magazine form makes you fall off your chair

Director Imitiaz Ali manages to retain a personal, auteur's touch in a genre vastly commercial, mainstream. This is a rare feat

For most parts, this doesn’t seem a super-hero movie at all. It’s more of a weirdly boiled, Bollywood please all: vaguely soppy romance, Salman-type sasta comedy, narcissistic SRK set piece