Sukanya Venkatraghavan ReviewsFilmfare

Aarakshan has all the right intentions but it is a tad confusing in its stance

Watch it for its robust potboiler personality. With extra masala as garnish

Shaitan is designed to disturb. It has the personality of an edgy nervy neurotic completely and irreversibly screwed up person

No matter what anyone tells you, this is a movie you will watch. And you will laugh

There is a clever balance of the chills and thrills and the theoretical analysis


SKB is a story told lovingly, self indulgently, with a lot of consideration and even though it totters a bit post interval you can’t but adore it for its celebration of innocence and spirit

Challo Dilli is an okey dokey attempt. With occasional flashes of decent writing and storytelling

There is enough suspense and action to keep you hooked.

Game is a decent watch. It’s not a great watch. The narrative is jerky with too many loopholes and hiccups

Where the film could have been deliciously dark, mad and off the rails, it ends up being just a disappointing above average weekend watch