Udita Jhunjhunwala ReviewsMint

The script is a mess, and the film depends more on stylized shots and plenty of posturing

The director captures small-town India perfectly and builds up his characters with requisite vigour. In spite of the choppy second hour, Ishaqzaade is still worth a watch

The two male leads salvage a predictable plot

A revenge drama that fails to build up either tension or sympathy

A well-written film that handles a sensitive subject with respect

Like most wedding videos that are watched once, this will also slip into a pile of rarely watched movies.

An unbearable and offensive film with a convoluted plot comprising too many noisy characters

Blood Money is predictable in its screenplay and poor in its execution

A disjointed narrative, uninspired camerawork and set action pieces that fail to wow make this film a jumpy ride

Some films should not be remade, and this is one of them