Nikhat Kazmi ReviewsTimes of India

A refreshing new genre of comedy

Wonder what the purpose of the film was. Do all dreams die always? Depressing.

Once you realise there's nothing much in store in terms of the hebbie jebbies, you turn to the story. Equally unpromising

Music by Pritam is good while it lasts. Some editing sorely needed, visual imagery quite polished, and the look as usual is of new age Bollywood

It's a long ear-shattering experience that makes you cringe.

Don 2 is a classic action/crime thriller that doesn't let go, even for a moment. More importantly, the plot has been finely crafted, with every twist and turn falling into place like a complicated albeit neat little jigsaw

It's a refreshing film which keeps you involved with its sensitive portrayal of two lonely souls trying to find succour in an alien city

A non-happening film with mediocre acting

Firstly, there is no humour, no tingling chemistry between the lead pair What does work in favour of the film are its performances and its non-hysterical tenor

The film mirrors the tension and chaos of the mofussil area faithfully and does manage to keep you engrossed with the sundry little battles that ensue between the cops, the goons, rival gangs, conflicting communities